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Obituary - Kern

[The name of the newspaper nor a date were listed with this obituary.]

Anton Kern

Funeral services were held at St. Hubert's church at Blue Grass Friday for Anton Kern, Sr., prominent farmer, saw-mill and threshing machine operator since 1880, who died Tuesday at his home. Rev. Van Rooey officiated. Six of his grandchildren were pall-bearers--Clement, Edward, Jerome, Ernest, Herman, and Martin Kern.

Mr. Kern is survived by his invalid wife and thirteen children, all of whom were present at the funeral except three daughters who are Notre Dame Sisters--Sr. M. Ermelinda (Tracy), Sr., M. Antona Martha and Sr, M. Herman Joseph (Lillie). Relatives coming for the service were S.M. Georgia of Moorhead, Mr. and Mrs. John Scheurer and Mrs. Anna Scheurer and Mrs. Clem Scheurer of Mankato; Mrs. Will Koenig of Long Prairie and Mrs. John Kern of Corpus Christie, Texas, and Rev. Joe Snysers, of Onamia, a former pastor.

He was born in Germany and came to America with his parents at the age of 9, living first at Oskosh, Wis., and later at Mankato. In 1879 he came to Wadena. In 1880 he married Catherine Scheurer of Mankato and they settled on the farm in Blue Grass now owned by his son, Simon.

He and his two brothers established a sawmill and retail lumber business in 1883 which was operated under the name Kern Bros. until 23 years ago when Anton Kern retired. He was also one of the first steam powered threshing machine operators in the country, which enterprise is now continued by his sons Adam, Frank and Simon.

He was a life-long members of the Catholic church and a member of the Holy Name Society.

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