Monday, July 12, 2010

Obituary - Larson

[There isn't a date, or a newspaper name for this published obituary. Bluegrass is in Minn.]

Fatally Stricken As She Prepares Sister's Wedding

Young Leaf River Mother Leaves Two Children, Husband

While helping her family pre-
pare for her sister's wedding,
Mrs. Theodore Larson, 29-year-
old resident of Leaf River town-
ship, became suddenly ill Thurs-
day afternoon and though rushed
to Wesley hospital she died a
few hours later from cerebral
Funeral services were held at
2 o'clock Sunday afternoon at
the Trinity Lutheran church at
Sebeka. Rev. J. Alfred Olson,
pastor of the church and Rev. O.
J. Haukeness of the Lutheran
Free Church at Bluegrass offici-

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